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    Asma and Emal

    Founders - Chic

    Sheops is Pakistan’s Amazon, Yelp and Ebay combined. It is an incredibly powerful community that has empowered women to begin their own businesses, and others to benefit from this rich stream of entrepreneurship. Each Sheops member adds to the diversity of the community - be it the college grad baking great cakes, or the new mom soliciting reviews for strollers. It excites me to see that fellow Pakistani women are capable of so much - and the credit goes to Sheops for helping women across the country realize their potential. I look forward to what the future has to offer for Sheops!

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    Muniza Agha-Fawad

    Freelance writer; Wellness and
    naturalistic lifestyle blogger - The Urban Andaaz.

    Coordinating between household responsibilities, my work as a freelance writer, and as a new mom, if I do have free time I would much rather spend it relaxing or at the gym, not shopping in Karachi's over- crowded and uncomfortably warm shopping centers. However, shopping is unavoidable- be it for self, family, the home, or office- we always need something. Thanks to the Sheops community, it has allowed me to connect to women selling a range of items, from health and beauty products to clothing and furniture. There are countless service providers on the forum- party planners, home-based bakers and caterers, and printers, to name a few. You name it and you’ll have it. The products required can be found, ordered, shipped, planned or brought over from abroad with honesty, because the Sheops community is curated and regularly reviewed. Other than convenience, Sheops has empowered many women financially and professionally, and I personally love the idea and appreciate all the efforts behind it.

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    Mariam Rehman

    Founder - Stratford Street Footwear

    I never knew there was a world full of opportunities exclusively for women out there until I came across Sheops! Sheops has been an inspiration, a reflection and a driving force for all the women. Having worked with them, I have definitely received a positive push in the right direction. The platform is bound to grow into much more and be a voice for all.

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    Mahrukh Isa

    Co-owner & Founder - 3 Footwear

    Sheops is a great platform where women buyers and sellers come together to conduct direct business transactions. Having an up and running business, Sheops has helped provide not only loyal customers but also great testimonials from these women that has further helped generate even more customers in the long run!

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    Rabea Dhaduk

    Founder - The Saucy Mistress

    Selling my products on Sheops has been like finding a corner shop in the safest and busiest women’s only marketplace in Karachi (and beyond!). Kudos to the hard work and diligence put in by the Sheops team and community to create this wonderful platform for buyers and sellers!