our team

Sheops is a team of dedicated people who work very hard to deliver excellence to their customers.

Nadia Patel Gangjee – CEO & Founder

A therapeutic tutor and marketing professional, Nadia ventured into the world of entrepreneurship when she founded Sheops, Pakistan’s first ‘women-only’ online marketplace that provides entrepreneurship and earning opportunities to women and women-owned businesses, selling niche fashion, beauty, handmade and lifestyle products, along with artisanal food and desserts.

Strongly dedicated to the cause of women empowerment in a largely male-dominated society, where many women end up sacrificing their education and career after marriage to fulfil family commitments, Nadia aims to empower women entrepreneurs and the stay-at-home women to reach the next level. Her venture, Sheops enables women to become financially independent by monetizing their talents and earn from home, along with networking opportunities to meet other like-minded women.


Team Sheops believes in having fun while they work hard to bring to you the best and most interesting women-oriented and lifestyle products, along with delectable culinery delights.