What is Sheops Protect?

‘Get the item you ordered, or your money back.’
Our promise to you - We’ll issue a refund if your product is never shipped, is damaged or not as described.


How does Sheops Protect Work?

We don’t release payment to the seller until you receive your item. You can claim a refund on defective, damaged or counterfeit item by contacting our support team within 72 hours. Our dedicated support team is always there to help you.

What is NOT covered in Sheops Protect?

Consumables and perishables

Food, chocolates and other edible items

Personal hygiene items

like undergarments or deodorants


used in body piercing like earrings

Made-to-order and customized items

Electronics and household appliances

that do not include warranty

If the item you bought is not your style or fit, Sheops cannot accept a return. However, you can resell it on Sheops - if it caught your eye, other Sheopers may love it too!


conditions for returning products

You can return the products covered by Sheops’ protect for a refund, by notifying us within 72 hours after receiving your original order, under the following situations:

- Item is different from the one ordered or is not as advertised
- Item is defective, counterfeit or damaged at the time of delivery
- Item belongs to the category covered in Sheops Protect
- Item is new and in it’s original packaging with the seal intact
- Item is in the condition in which it was delivered
- Item still has the tags and labels attached
- Item includes all accessories, tags or free promotional items that came with the purchase

want to return an item?

Return an item if you didn’t recieve it as described, we’ll give you a full refund.

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    1. submit a return

    Make your request within
    72 hours of delivery

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    2. Ship for free

    We pick the item from your
    doorstep, for free

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    3. get a refund

    Recive a full refund on defective,
    damaged or counterfeit items

claim sheops protect