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I am proud of many things in my life, but nothing beats being a mother. My princess, my diva Daniyah is the reason behind the success journey of Pure Ayurveda and me.Being a mother makes you realize that you can do anything in the world and this love inspired, motivated & gave me full strength to pour all my love and soul in my products. Its my pleasure to share her story with the world, I have given birth to her but she gave meaning to my life. It started 6 years ago when I came to know that my newly born baby girl who was a pre- mature had no hair on her head, lashes & brows . The whole family was very happy & thankful to Allah (SWT) that she was normal n all her organs were complete ( Alhamdulillah) .. As time went on I started getting worried because she was gaining weight & getting healthier but her hair wasn’t even started to grow even though I could see the follicles in her scalp. My sadness increased each time someone inquired about her hair. Being a Hair esthetics & Beauty Therapist I tried every remedy on her but 15 years of experience in this field seemed to have failed when it came to my own daughter. I started searching for some more natural things that were related to healing and thats where I came to know about Ayurveda, I read & searched a lot & finally decided to go for a professional training in Ayurveda. At that time I wasn’t even sure if it was going to work out or not but after getting tired of using every single thing I just wanted to try this which was my last hope! The journey began by taking a professional training from US . I don’t remember how long it took to make a perfect Ayurvedic Hair Therapy. Countless days and nights of hardwork went into it . I can’t estimate the time that I spent on research work & and the energy consumed in making a perfect blend. However, after I got the perfect treatment, I started using the Ayurvedic Hair Therapy on my daughter & I could see the improvements within 3 months. I remember that day when I burst into tears watching little hairs growing on her head . All those people who used to point out that she had no hair were coming to me to ask if I could make this Ayurvedic treatment for them too. “It’s supposed to be hard, if it wasn’t hard every one would do it. The hard … is what makes it GREAT.” everything was difficult for me back then and it got painful at times too but now I hold an even stronger belief in trusting Allah. The Almighty doesn’t let you down, If you really want to do something, just ignore what people say and just carry on working hard. I don’t sell these products only because I love them but because I want other people to see how beneficial natural and organic products can be. I want to heal as many people as I can by the grace of Almighty Allah and spread awareness among people and specially the younger generation to avoid harmful products and treatments.

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  • imgUshna Asif

    I love there hair oil it's superb. I ordered second bottle.

  • imgHamna Hafeez

    Awesome experience

  • imgErum Bashir

    I had severe hairloss So started this Serum. Its my 5th bottle n today I saw many tiny hairs standing straight in my head. This oil is really a blessing

  • imgCraft Bug

    I ordered protein hair food and green apple cleanser and both worked really well. Thank you Salma for providing such wonderful products at an affordable price

  • imgGlam De Coure


  • imgGlam De Coure

    This was my first experience with Pure Ayurveda and its just a month and am a big fan.

  • imgARTline

    Mask wss good but cream doesn't soute me

  • imgAshes

    Ordered oil for joint pain for my mum as she suffers from arthritis..alhumdolillah she is happy and my delivery real quick as well

  • imgAisha Rizwan

    Green Apple cleanser is my favourite. leaves my skin hydrated and glowing Mashaa ALLAH. I usually try to use it after being exposed to sunlight followed by wheatgerm moisturiser which has SPF.

  • imgAisha Rizwan

    These are some of the amazing products by Salma Asim of Pure Ayurveda that I'm using and totally in love with. Hair oil and protein hairfood doing wonders to my chemically damaged hair

  • imgHuma Amjad

    Amazing hair products

  • imgOochi

    Absolute love it

  • imgHina Omar

    Amazing oils...

  • imgSaba Baloch

    Products are Fabulous , Specially Oil is superb..

  • imgAmna Imran

    Pirchases first a hair oil and then the famous joint oil and both time i am amazed hoghly recomend

  • imgBushra Ul-Haq

    Been using their herbal oil. my mother doesn't complain about her knee pain at all and it has improved her joint pains too.quantity isn't much but a few drops do the magic

  • imgAnzah Warraich

    My experience with the seller is great but this is the third time shipment is being late.

  • imgAnzah Warraich

    My experience with the seller is great but this is the third time shipment is being late.

  • imgMadiha Khan

    I have been using the Ayurvedic Hair Oil for a few weeks now and I am blown away by the result. Excellent product with excellent results. Keep rocking Salma! :)

  • imgUnzela Ali Raza

    Best products

  • imgAisha Rizwan

    Alhamdulillah the most amazing products.

  • imgSarwat Younus

    In love with protein hair food!! I ordered thia for the second time.

  • imgSitwat R. Khan

    This oil is magic. One use and you will see the results. Their hair protein is also excellent. Salma Asim God bless you for giving us this product

  • imgSitwat R. Khan

    My first experience so overwhelming and had excellent results

  • imgKaukab Yaseen

    Amazing products + Wonderful lady = Pure Ayurveda

  • imgDr-Lajward Ropensa

    My mum using this oil since 3 months .but no effect ,she didnt feel better after using the oil .May be its good for someone else

  • imgZuleikha Asif

    I have ordered through sheops for pure ayurveda oil. The dealing was smooth n it was delivered on time

  • imgAfifa Rafi

    Love her products. Worth buying

  • imgViviana Peter

    I must say it's an amazing oil everyone who is having a bad joint pain and they wants to get rid instantly they should order right away......

  • imgJuwairiyah Arif

    Received my parcel a bit late but it was worth it. Followed the instructions religiously and I get my old hairs back the way they were, silky, bouncy and soft. Will definitely order again.

  • imgFatima Jaffri

    By using apple cleanser on daily basis i see a big difference on my face. It removes pigmentation, clears ur skin, makes ur skin bright. I personally like it

  • imgA Baker's Tale

    Excellent products! I bought the muscular pain relief oil and it has benefited both my mother and my grandmother when no other creams or oils worked for them! I will 100% recommend it to everyone

  • imgRukhsar Rizwan

    Superb product n 100% guarantee result (y) highly recommend Thumbs up to the gorgeous lady salma apa :)

  • imgUnzela Ali Raza

    Always the best products with very good results

  • imgLast Resort

    Love the protein hair food. Makes my hair super soft and friz free.

  • imgBrand Globe

    I have a wonderful experience it is surely a magical oil

  • imgRabia Lalani

    Neem glow mask has done wonders for my skin. Just ordered another jar for myself! The only issue is the quantity, it only lasts for up to 5 to 6 applications. Please introduce bigger jars.

  • imgAisha Rizwan

    Alhamdulillah Salma's products are doing wonders

  • imgSaima Shoaib Moosa

    your all products are amazing. oil is fantastic and conditinor makes hair silky and muscles oil is very effective

  • imgRabia Imran

    Love the product n saller too ❤️

  • imgAsma Wakeel

    I live each n every product of Pure Ayurveda from hair products to facial products and pain relief oils too. All of the products meet what they claim. Highly recommended brand!

  • imgSabeen Fatima

    Came across lots of reviews regarding her oil and protein food so I decided to give it a try and was totally blown away from the results. My hair feel very rejuvenated and bouncy.

  • imgNazia Samreen

    Alhumdulillah, all good

  • imgShamila Athar Siddiqui

    I have applied pure ayurveda hair oil and hair food only twice and my hair are soft and bouncy. I am happy. Thanks sheops and pure ayurveda

  • imgHina Ahmed

    I used it for 2 months but didn't see any improvement in my hair fall . Yes it makes hair soft and manageable but in my case it didn't stop my hair fall . It's still the same .

  • imgAmber Ali Khan

    First time I ordered oil shampoo & cleanser oil & shampoo literally I feel thori Jan in my hair kafI Dino se facing hair loss problem I tried different oils but no result. I definitely recommend

  • imgNusrat Shaheen

    This lady Salma is such an amazing person and her products are so awesome. I have ordered join pain relief oil to Hair oil, whole package of such amazing products :)

  • imgMoniba Zubair

    I ordered 2 Muscular Pain Relief oil nd 1 Joint Pain Relief Oil Bt i got 3 JOING PAIN RELIEF OIL bottles.

  • imgShamila Athar Siddiqui

    I am fully satisfied with the purchase of muscle pain relief oil from pure ayurveda. I have ordered more.

  • imgRahila Akbar

    Loved ur hair care n skin range both are awsome.. m using both bt plz do concentrate on prices they are quite high or instead do sale upto 40 50% as soon aas possible

  • imgNajia Mahboob

    the pure ayurveda products are amazing , tried lady month on myself, I was having terrible hairfall after extenso, n it has,reduced after using them

  • imgInsta Foods

    Extremely Satisfied with the results

  • imgMaryam's Couture

    Amazing product! I feel the huge difference after first use only. Thank you Salma Asim!

  • imgBasma Masud

    I m just loving the Hair oil and Hair protein food. I got trial kit for skin glow products. I just loved very thing in that. Now I have placed order for full sized skin glow products.

  • imgNaureen Salman


  • imgNaureen Salman


  • imgNaureen Salman

    Superb n smooth service with great products. The only concern is for the prices.....Try to make it low

  • imgAnica Yasir

    Abt the healing oil by pure ayurveda,my mom has had spine surgery and her body pains are hard to leave,healing oil has helped us a great deal mashaAllah.Even i can't live without it, highly recommnd

  • imgSadia Ali

    Ordered the pain relief oil for my mother and it has helped her tremendously. She has a knee problem and applies this oil daily now. She says it gives her instant relief.

  • imgSadia Ali

    The oil is wonderful. My hair fall has been majorly reduced and I am planning to order again once I'm done with this bottle. My hairdresser also agreed that my hair texture has improved too

  • imgNazia Samreen

    Alhumdulillah, all excellent

  • imgAnnaya Khan

    Good oil

  • imgFaaha Tahir

    Amazing products that actually help you. Ordered muscular and joint pain relief oils for my mother and they are really effective in giving instant relief from any type of pain.

  • imgUnzela Ali Raza

    Best Products with Best Results

  • imgMadiha Mubashir

    Hair oil n protein food for hair is an amazing product just after one wash I feel the difference not only use my self but my daughters too n results superb its highly recommended

  • imgSaadia Fatima

    I am in love with the Protein Hair Food. It is not any less than high-end imported protein masks available. It is easy to the pocket and gives best results.My constant addiction now after hair wash.

  • imgBag Brats

    The joint pain relief works wonders for my sciatic FIL and the hair oil is amazing for me.

  • imgAfreen Sohail

    I ordered hair products from Pure Ayurveda and I’m falling in love with my hair, it reduced hairfall and gives smooth texture

  • imgCreative Dabba

    used hair oil n protien treatment it once and surprisingly my hair fall had decreased, my hairs become so soft with shine just loved her packaging may Allah bless her with best ameen

  • imgCreative Dabba

    used hair oil n protien treatment it once and surprisingly my hair fall had decreased, my hairs become so soft with shine just loved her packaging may Allah bless her with best ameen

  • imgMahira Mahi

    This lady working so hard and providing best quality product and I love my hair after using it

  • imgMahira Mahi

    Loved the product every time I buy

  • imgMahira Mahi

    Best experience not only with hair oil but wil beam orange face wash as well as knee and muscular pain reliever oil as well

  • imgAisha Hassan

    I had my hair extenso done and after that I was having extreme hairfall and my hair became so rough, I used oil and mask and my hair get a lot better. I am so satisfied with it.

  • imgPurple Coral

    It worked for me

  • imgfactorymartdubai

    In love with the products! These products did miracles to my skin and hair! I must say that everyone must give it a try and fall in love!

  • imgKhatri Home Collection

    Good products with very good results

  • imgSidra Khan

    After using their glow kit my skin feel so soft like a baby. And Salma Asim is so helpful and kind lady. Im surely gonna order more products

  • imgKomal Gopchandani

    First time I used face pack, I liked the results. As I continued to use the facewash, my acne problem got worse and hence I stopped.

  • imgRubba Rehman

    I absolutely loved the products! They help keep my baby hair in place without greasing them down and maintain my curls but control the frizz. Definitely ordering again!

  • imgRodaba Khan

    Amazing result

  • imgAlifya Mazher Hussain

    I have ordered hair oil & protein hair food 2 months back. My hair has truly transformed, its soft, shiny, bouncy. Moreover the hair fall has reduced which was bothering me alotttt.

  • imgUnzela Ali Raza

    its my 2nd order from pure ayurveda.. neem orange face wash and hazel witch toner.. both products are of best quality and very good result .. highly recommended

  • imgUnzela Ali Raza

    amazing products with very good results

  • imgShazia Ali Daha

    Iuse it three to four time it is so good .its so great experience I wish it fulfill my hair needs thanks

  • imgFaree Bukhari

    You delivered the package very late which is so much annoying.

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