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From Karachi, Pakistan
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  • imgTayyabahh Asiff

    I had specially told the representative to send me pink color but i got blue .

  • imgIqra Shah

    I really like the bottles but only thing which bothered me is that delivery was a bit late

  • imgSarah Ghayas

    great product. Prompt Delivery! :)

  • imgMastoora Khalid

    The order took very long to reach, even more then /5 days.. as they say it will take 4 working day. Other wise the system is good toget things while staying at home.

  • imgUrooj Zia

    Great quality, amazing prices, timely delivery. I love!!! <3

  • imgSumaira Ishaque

    5 star.......Good things

  • imgSameera Seth

    Poor quality plastic stuff...

  • imgFiza Asar

    The ice lolly maker is a disappointment - when I try to take the lolly out it breaks and the stick always comes out separately. The other items are not the sturdiest but came at a good price.

  • imgMariam Waqas

    Good experience for tis one.

  • imgBeauty Charisma

    The popcorn machine just worked once..n its body sorta melted

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