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Vatika Hair Mayonnaise Extreme Moisturizing Hair

ID: SH-74808
READY IN: Preorder 6-8 weeks
item tags: Hair Oil & Other Hair Care Products, Hair Care, Beauty
Price: Rs. 1500/-

This item is delivered nationwide. This item is covered by 'Sheops Protect'.

Shipping Time is 2-7 days after product is ready

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    Sherebanoo Najam

    6 months ago
    Delivery charges?
    yes no
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    Shazia Shaikh

    7 months ago
    Only 1 mayonnaise jar is of rupees 1500...??
    yes no
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    Sayyeda Savaiz

    9 months ago
    Please share details of different variants of vatika hair mayonnaise. And how many days are required for it's delivery to Lahore. Thank you
    yes no

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